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Athene Raefiel

Spiritual Inspirational Teacher, and Motivational Speaker.
Athene's whole heart, being and personality are involved when Speaking, Teaching and Writing. When Athene is with a group, transformative changes take place individually, as well as collectively. She reaches everyone on a soul level as well as emotionally and mentally. Allowing Athene to teach you brings life changing results.For more information, Descriptions and Topics click here Lectures, Seminars and Workshops

In an angel and psychic reading Athene can: Speak with your Spirit guides and Teachers. Vision Past Life events and share how those events are currently affecting this lifetime, speak with those crossed over and more. Athene helps you gain clairty and direction. A angel reading is given to aid in resolving problems and to help you progress with a sense of confidence and truth. Athene will vision for you and can advise you in many arenas of life, but she is neither god nor a fortunteller.

She believes in your power to create the changes you desire.
She, in a psychic reading, asks for names and ages to access the akashic records on a soul level to give you the information you seek. All information comes from the heart of love and understanding truth.Click here for cost rates and policies By appointment only.

Athene is a Visionary, Life Coach, Angel Medium, Angel Reader, Psychic Reader, Telepath and Intuitive. She helps people gain clarity, insight,and direction within themselves and their lives. She can help you to identify patterns blocking you, and help you change your life. She continually channels Angels and Spirit Guides.
atheneraefiel@yahoo.com or call (719) 598-8158 Click here for cost rates and policiesBy appointment only.

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Athene wrote her first book "Getting to the Heart, A Journey of Soul Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment" as a guide and self-help book for those seriously asking the questions of how to walk the Spirtual Path. She is currently working on her second book and has become a writer due to her need to share the wonderful universal energy she channels.

Athene received Clinical Certification in Hypnotherapy as a graduate of The Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute of Boulder Co. and also attended intensive Mediation training with CDR Associates of Boulder.

She has been featured in Colorado, New York and Rhode Island, on television and in newspapers and continues to write published articles and channelings. Some Channelings have been published in "The Sedona Journal of Emergence. For more info Google her.

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Hypnotherapy Session

In a Hypnotherapy session,Athene uses techniques she learned from Archangel Raphael along with hypnosis techniques to assist individuals and groups. She has an awesome ability to guide people into their soul and emotional bodies changing and shifting patterns and energies that are currently stifling thier progress. She will work with you to heal and integrate old wounds from the past, including abuse,abandonment, guilt, shame and obsession.

Much of this work helps with physical ailments as well as emotional. This work also helps you raise your physical vibrations giving you the regenerative energy needed to continue healing.

With hypnotherapy you can begin to to reach higher levels of consciousness where you commune with your own higher self and spirit guides.

This work can and does have profound results. It is very cathartic.



A psychic reading is a gift you give yourself to verify and trust what is real. Athene will be the objective sounding board for you and will also bring The Angels perspective to your situation and life to the forefront. For Athene a reading is all about shifting the energies so you can progress and heal. Readings are not about what the future will be, but are about how to create the future you are wanting. When we are stuck in the same mode of feeling or thinking for long periods of life, we fail to recognize our potential to change and grow. To move this energy we must understand our own past and what blocks our progression. Together you and Athene will identify what is holding you back as well as what you have healed that is moving you forward.She helps people with career, love, life, children, family and self.

She has recieved personal visitations from Archangels, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. These wonderful beings, assist her in giving clear and concise psychic information to those in need.

When doing a reading she receives information directly from the soul. She sees into the Aura and interprets her visions. She connects with past, present and future events, while sharing wisdom and insight.

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