Athene is a Visionary, Life Coach, Angel Medium, Angel Reader, Psychic Reader, Telepath and Intuitive. She helps people gain clarity, insight,and direction within themselves and their lives. She can help you to identify patterns blocking you, and help you change your life. She continually channels Angels and Spirit Guides.


Athene’s whole heart, being and personality are involved when Speaking, Teaching and Writing. When Athene is with a group, trans-formative changes take place individually, as well as collectively. She reaches everyone on a soul level as well as emotionally and mentally. Allowing Athene to teach you brings life changing results.

homepic1In an angel and psychic reading Athene can: Speak with your Spirit guides and Teachers. Vision Past Life events and share how those events are currently affecting this lifetime, speak with those crossed over and more. Athene helps you gain clarity and direction. A angel reading is given to aid in resolving problems and to help you progress with a sense of confidence and truth. Athene will vision for you and can advise you in many arenas of life, but she is neither god nor a fortuneteller.



She believes in your power to create the changes you desire.

She, in a psychic reading, asks for names and ages to access the akashic records on a soul level to give you the information you seek. All information comes from the heart of love and understanding truth.

The techniques you will learn can be used to accelerate your spiritual growth tremendously and are techniques that you will use along your spiritual path for the rest of your life. If you are a more advanced student, you can contact Athene to discuss setting up a program specifically designed to meet your goals and needs.

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