A Lightbearers Journey

By: Athene Raefiel

Ours is a journey few understand or experience. Ours is a journey dictated not by the outside world and its societies surrounding us, but by something much more powerful and imminent. Ours is a journey and remembrance of soul awareness and consciousness. To become aware of whom we are authentically.

To remove the veil of lies that covers our eyes and inner senses is no small feat or task. We are the future if ever there was a future to behold. If we do not take our places in the scheme of things to come, we defeat our own purpose of being.

We are the lightbearers and holders of the world power. We are invincible only when we know that we exist to work together as our own councils of light.

We must recognize the power that lies within each and every one of us and continuously develop it, no matter what the outside circumstances dictate. This will not be easy. The affairs of the world, friends and family surrounding us will attempt to steal our energy and power making us vulnerable to the program and game called life.

It is a time to be strong and remember that all you see, touch, feel, and hear with your outer senses is illusion. That there is only one truth and one reality and that it can only be known individually. To remember always that the universe is based on paradox and so even though what is above is the same as what is below, it is only through the inner sense and awareness that this construct and concept can be understood and realized.

To bear the light is an honor and also a journey that must be worked at continually. Living in the physical body and plane of existence we find that darkness dwells and breeds itself everywhere. If we saw the darkness as simply the ignorance of light then perhaps it will make the joy of anchoring light daily that much more rewarding.

The more light one brings into the planet daily, the more light one becomes, the more light one can bear for the others needing to feel it's presence. The presence of light is all that is needed for a soul to be triggered and begin remembering their own soul and spirit essence.

Here is wonderful exercise for anchoring the light daily.

I call to the power of light that I am.

I call to all energies of light and love that are currently attending and dwelling within this planet.

I call to my authentic spirit and soul essence of light within that I am.

I call to all those in spirit that assist, guide, guard and protect me and my home and ask that they align their energies within me and assist me in remembering all levels of consciousness that dwell within me.

I call to the twelve power points of light on earth, in the universe, in the cosmos, in the heavens and ask that they be anchored and aligned within me now.

I am, I am, I am, a child of love and light.

I am, I am, I am, special in my own right.

I am, I am, I am, sacred in my own light.