April, 2005 Eclipses

By: Athene Raefiel

April 2005 brings us beautiful displays of planetary energies with a Hybrid, Annular-Total Eclipse of the Sun April 8, and Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon, April 24. Many people travel to all parts of the globes to simply see the magnificence of these celestial shows.

In times past, human beings saw these eclipses as omens of either things to come or things that had passed. Superstition has always been a part of societies, the world around. To see the sun go black in midday must have been a fairly frightening occurrence to people who didn’t understand what was happening.

Nowadays we have Observatories with wonderful websites to watch this phenomena and be part of the experience.

Both of the upcoming eclipses have a shadow involved. Metaphysically speaking I would say this has to do with the Shadow Side of everything. As we all know, the light cannot exist without the dark, or the dark without the light. This being true, an eclipse simply shows us how we go from one phase of life or self to another. We are all made up of a light and shadow self. No matter how hard we try we cannot get rid of either one. Our world and daily life are lived by the cycles of the Sun and the Moon, Day and Night, Light and Dark. Why would the personal be any different?

Who is the shadow side of us anyway? Does it lurk in the darkness of night waiting to attack us? Or is it simply that part of self that plays the devil’s advocate in our life to get us to think?

The Shadow self is a key player in everyone’s life. The shadow teaches us to look at all aspects of something before jumping in. If our shadow side has been hurt by us and feels we are trying to kill it, it will retaliate. Our shadow self can be seen, just as clearly as when the sun shines upon us, and we see it on the sidewalk. The stronger we shine the light of our own being, the clearer the shadow becomes. We do not see it in the darkness, but it is there all the same. Others see our shadow, as our ego or persona. It generally reflects the kind of character you are.

In all these years of studying and practicing Hindu, Buddhist and Metaphysical beliefs, I always understood that to become truly spiritual one should overcome the ego. Some teachings have taken this so far as to state that you must kill the Ego. This is impossible and I will tell you why. The true principals of Metaphysics are to find the middle road. This can only happen when there is balance between the light and dark aspects of ones self. One cannot survive without the other. So how does one understand the shadow self and learn to live with it in harmony? This is the challenge we will all be facing during and after this set of eclipses.

Our ego is not a bad child that needs disciplining, but an intelligent working part of our everyday life. To live an egoless life, is to exist, not live. In order for us to understand how to bring Heaven on Earth and live that reality, we must first understand how to balance the light and shadow parts of self. All of creation comes from "THE LIGHT of ALL", and this light can only be seen and understood through the inner awareness and senses of the whole being. To have such an experience one must first be able to find the balance between the light and darkness, within the inner, as well as outer self. When truly communing with the "Light of All," you are in the nothingness of all things that are visible and invisible, therefore you neither see light or dark. You instead become one with all that is. This, the Great Masters and Teachers of ancient texts have taught us for centuries, they did not though, explain the more mundane methods of how.

Finding the central point of balancing the light and dark within oneself is not an easy task, and doing it once does in no way guarantee you will be able to attain such a state again. It takes practice and courage to find the middle way, strength and stamina. Bringing your ego into balance with your conceptual beingness is tough, maintaining this is tougher.

You see your ego can be a powerful ally or nemesis in your journey of evolution, depending on how you choose to use it. As long as the ego has full control over your thinking and feeling self you will never transcend the third dimension. All of the character roles you play in life have come about due to your belief structure. If the ego tells you what to believe and you do not strive to move beyond that conceptually, you will never grow and find the middle road. The ego is the human, and the concept the spirit. All life is contained within the nothingness of all that is. In order to tap this awareness and understand it, you must be able to move beyond the ego into conceptual awareness. The more often you do this, the more ego begins to accept it, as part of the living ritual that you are.

Ego only thinks for you because you let it. Ego is simply a reaction to circumstances and events in life. You may have as many personas as you like and you may create them yourself. Even Higher Self has Higher Self, has Higher Self, ad infinitum.

The Eclipses this month remind us to study ourselves and decide who and what we have become in all different dimensions of self. They make us feel introspective and often wonder if we are on the right track. To know oneself fully is the whole key to awareness and understanding. When one knows and understands how they are Soul and Spirit, just as well as knowing how they are Mind and Body, they’ve got it.

We are multi-aspected and multi-dimensional beings. In this lifetime alone we are creating a massive number of new aspects and hopefully discovering the massive amounts we created previously. Where we all came from and where we are going can only be explored and developed by the individual. Like the Sun and the Moon in the sky you hold the balance of life in your steady hands. Choose to be the God, Goddess All That Is within this month, and open new doors and pathways to the future destiny of life that you create, not just for yourself, but all others that you love. Be not in ego but in grace, and surrender to you soul and spirit path and destiny one more time. Do your Sacred Ceremonies, Prayers and Invocations with reverence and awe for the invisible light, and trust your inner power to guide you beyond the ego self. Tell the ego how much you love and appreciate the role it plays in your life but that you choose your conceptual awareness to guide you. It is time to develop our inner sense and commune with the Divine ourselves. It is time to create new realities and beliefs.