Hermes Thrice-Great Trismegistus

By John Pollock

History and legend have come together to reveal one of the most incredible and far reaching stories to affect mankind. In Greek, the word Hermes means messenger of the Gods. He deals with wisdom, knowledge and self-realization. He brought the spiritual element of fire to the earth plane, and is widely thought to be the author of the Emerald Tablet.

His doctrine in the Emerald Tablet says that all things are an adaptation or an extension of the “One Thing” which is God. He deals with the hidden that is behind energy, soul, spirit and the mysteries of matter. This concept can be seen at the foundations of many religions and philosophies from antiquity. As we learn of each new form of expression for Hermes, our personal awareness, vision and understanding expands.

It would seem from the many varied accounts in history that Hermes has expressed himself through whatever form necessary to expand our understanding of the universe. The expansion always involves our own personal relationship with God and sheds Light on a vast universe that is far beyond human comprehension. It involves initiation and movement to higher levels of understanding and consciousness.

In three specific instances, he was considered to be an aspect of God who took on “light” body and physical embodiment; each time reconnecting with his life’s work from before, and furthering his contributions into our discovery of the nature of man and the structure of the universe.

The first was Thoth. The Egyptians believed he was the son of Agathodaimon and God of all learning and hidden knowledge. He was said to be responsible for teaching men how to interpret things, arrange logical patterns of speech and write down their thoughts. He was inventor of Egyptian hieroglyphics and record keeping. He founded the sciences of mathematics, astronomy and medicine. He represented the archetype of the “Word of God” or “Source of The Word”.

He is without any predecessor or parents. The power of His will emanates through His words and then comes to pass. What he says, He literally speaks it into existence.

There has been reference to Him in the Ebers Papyrus, a 68 ft long scroll on alchemy, and which has been called the oldest book in the world. Thoth is the “Revealer of the Hidden” and the “Lord of Rebirth”. He is higher mind and inner knowledge. He provides guidance into alternate states of consciousness and enlightenment for mankind. He provides a roadmap for us to become integrated with God. As our guide to alternate levels of consciousness, He embodies the rational powers of the Sun (masculine nature) as well as the intuitive, irrational powers of the Moon (feminine nature). Thoth is the “recorder and balancer” and oversees the “weighing of the heart” ceremony to determine who will enter heaven. He also wrote in a scroll called the “The Book of Breathings” how humans become Gods through alchemy of the spirit.

As the archetype of Hermes above, Thoth had allegedly hidden the sum of all knowledge and the Emerald Tablet inside two pillars for safety before the Great Flood. One was at Heliopolis and the other at Thebes. The pillars were said to be protected by a heavenly vault that could only be accessed by the worthy who would be sure to oversee and protect this great knowledge for humanity. According to Dr. Livingston a well known scholar, the great flood most likely took place somewhere around the year 3000 B.C. There are accounts from many sources including Eastern Scripture and the Bible. This lifetime has been documented as far back as records can go and stem from antiquity.

Incidentally, Jewish mystics identify Thoth with Seth the second son of Adam from the Bible. They credit Seth as writing the Emerald Tablet and hiding it in a cave near Hebron, to be later discovered by Sarah the wife of Abraham. The Torah mentions seven universal laws to be given to mankind very much like the Emerald Tablet and other writings by Hermes.

Some evidence from Arabia indicates Thoth as associated with Idris of the Koran whom God took bodily into heaven. Idris was also associated with the one who the Hebrews called Enoch in the Jewish Old Testament. Enoch (the initiated) is portrayed in Genesis as an angelic being who could travel through the many dimensional realms much like our accounts of Thoth and Hermes. Legend has many other accounts of possible embodiment of the Thrice Great Trismegistus and archetype around this time. Enoch is identified also with Archangel Metatron who deals with the structure of the universe and revealer of the Holy Cabala. The “Sepher Yezirah” of the Holy Cabala tells us that all of creation emanates from the thoughts of the One Mind, just like the Emerald Tablet and the symbology is used in initiations by the Order of the Golden Dawn, a system known as Enochian Magic.

The second main life was that of an Egyptian pharaoh born as Amenhotep IV meaning “Amen is Satisfied”. This was after the Great Flood and about 1351-1334 B.C. lasting about 17 years. The God “Amen” was celebrated as it is in Amen Ra’ (God) and also at the end of modern prayers today,” Amen”. There are many interesting facts about this life. After he came to power, he changed the religious structure from worshiping many Gods to worshiping the “One Thing” he called the Sun God (the disk). “The One Thing” was formless and subtle accept when we put thought to the rays, and then it takes shape. Because of this, he was called “The Heretic Pharaoh”, making a complete break with tradition.

He changed his name to Akhenaton now celebrating the God “Aten”. He was androgynous in appearance. Statues show him with an elongated head and fine facial features, a thin neck and drooping shoulders, a pear shaped body with thin weak legs and no male genitals with breasts like a woman. Perhaps he was a homosexual or a woman pretending to be a man. He has been called “The Extraterrestrial King” for his appearance. He had two co-rulers, both called “Beauty of all Beauties” Nefertiti and Smenkhkare. It is thought that Akhenaton rediscovered information from Hermes Tristmegistus and The Emerald Tablet to enable him to complete the pyramid of Cheops.

He introduced the radical concept of “living in truth” and acting in accordance with principals of “The One”. Both He and Nefertiti suddenly were mysteriously gone at the end of his reign. There is speculation that they were murdered. Akhenaton was replaced by the ten year old boy named Tutankaten. The name was changed to Tutankhamen (servant of Amen). This was the start of the reign of the boy king, “King Tut”. The old religions were reinstated and all signs of monotheism were removed. Old legend says that the Thrice Great Hermes gave the Emerald Tablet to Miriam, the sister of Moses to be placed in the Ark of the Covenant for safety.

After conquering Egypt in 332 B.C., history next records Alexander the Great crossing the Libyan Desert to an ancient temple in Siwa to find the tomb of Hermes nearby. He felt he was destined to reveal the ancient secrets and took the contents to Heliopolis, placing the Emerald Tablet on public display. Copies of the Emerald Tablet then traveled through Arabia and on to Spain and Europe to spite the destruction when the libraries at Alexandria were burned. This brings us to the third great life of Hermes Thrice Great.

A young man named Balinas had meditated with the tomb of Hermes Thrice Great since the age of fourteen. The tomb was located just outside the town of Tyana in Cappadocia now known as Turkey. At sixteen he read the inscriptions once again and took the messages literally. One message said “Behold! I am Hermes Trismegistus, he who is threefold in wisdom…” The other said, “Let him who would learn and know the secrets of creation and nature, inquire beneath my feet”. At once, Balinas dug down and found a cavern with the mummified remains of Hermes, with four books, and with original writings from Hermes; plus in his hand was the Emerald Tablet. From this time, Balinas traveled and taught the meditation process and initiations of Hermes Thrice Great. He traveled through North America, Spain and Europe and beyond to India sharing his teachings and healing. His closest friends knew that he would bi-locate himself from time to time and he spent the rest of his life in enlightenment and at one with the “One Thing” in meditation.

The differing accounts would suggest that there were more than one Hermes, the earlier being the same as the Roman God Mercury. The Gnostics have taught that we can develop direct knowledge of inner truth and “All is One” is their realization. Enoch from the Bible has the same qualities as Hermes Thrice Great moving from one dimension to another. Many Hindus believe Hermes was Buddha. Concepts are similar to Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, also, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Hermes Thrice Great may very well have threads of existence in many more places than we have realized in the past.

The ancient Rosetta Stone was text written on a rock slab (a granodiorite stele) dating back to 196 BC. It was a decree issued on behalf of King Ptolemy V in Memphis, Egypt. In addition, fragments have been found that were dated back to 238 BC that were part of the same decree, the Decree of Canopus. The Rosetta Stone contains three scripts of the same document, the Emerald Tablet. This adds further credence to the legends of Thrice Great Hermes of antiquity. Also, it was able to give scholars a chance to compare ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, Egyptian Demotic script which was expanded with Greek, and ancient Greek. The earlier language of hieroglyphics had ceased to be used. This enabled historians to begin to understand hieroglyphics and make future translations possible.

Hermes Trismegistus stated on his tomb, “Behold! I am Hermes Trismegistus, he who is threefold in wisdom.” He represents to us the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world. The first is SPIRIT, the Sun (our rational, masculine nature). The Second is “CONSCIOUSNESS,” which is Soul (our unseen connection to God). The third is “FORM”, the Moon (our irrational, intuitive and feminine nature).

The main realization presented is that the creative energies of the “One Thing”, the one God, are subtle and permeate all dense matter. By sympathy and feeling physical matter, we can raise it to very high and rarified levels of “The One” by using our imagination. We can then feel the high creative energies that everything has come from, and imagine bringing those back down with it. The creative energies have no form until our mind becomes one with the “One Thing” on a spiritual axis. Then suddenly, we are one with the “One Thing” on the highest levels for healing and transformation. This is the basis for personal alchemy in our lives.

In speaking with mind, Hermes Trismegistus tells us of the levels of creation:

We call ourselves into alignment with the Hermes descending levels of creation; God is everywhere and is our Highest Source. Highest Source contains the level of Aeon within, Aeon contains Mind, Mind contains the level of Cosmos, Cosmos contains Universe, and Universe contains our Planetary System with all the energies for life within. We feel and sense our connection with the Highest and move back down, returning to earth level. We give thanks for our alignment and the blessings on all levels!


Much of this information comes from a book The Emerald Tablet by Dennis William Hauck. I strongly recommend more in-depth study since the subject is so complex. The author also has an article on the internet entitled, “A Hyper-History of the Emerald Tablet.

Another great source is, Thrice Greatest Hermes a trilogy written by G.R.S. Mead discussing the levels and structure of all creation.