Higher Self

By: Athene Raefiel


Higher self has higher self, has higher self, ad infinitum. So rarely do we actually understand the extant nature of the higher self. Who and what the higher self is the spirit nature of your being. It is you as the emanation of the whole and it is all other emanations as well.

When we ask whom our higher self is, we are actually asking who we are as spirit. Higher self is essence and energy. It is your purest and most precious energy of light and life that you are.

The soul is not spirit but it is the conduit that allows you to tap and know higher self. The soul is spiritual in nature but is independent of spirit itself. In other words the soul may be seen more as the Akashic records where all the information of life has been stored and the spirit may be seen as a number of bodies visiting the Akashic records for information. We in this dimension use our astral body to visit the soul regularly. Some have the ability to remember these visits while others do it totally unconsciously, nonetheless, everyone does it.

Higher self is different from Soul in that Higher Self is the emanation of light from which all other life is born. Though we each have a spirit essence, hence a higher self, we are unusually unaware of it. Our higher self is such a natural part of us being spirit that we rarely recognize it as having any separateness. Allowing ourselves to communicate with our higher self is the journey we all quest for when wishing to communicate and speak with other spirit guides and teachers of light.

All spirit guides and teachers of light are Emanations of the Divine light of the whole just as we are. The only difference is that they are aware of that fact. They serve the divine light as an emanation and as emissaries of the whole.

Our higher self holds the keys for us to understand our unconditional love and also how we are spirits. Without this awareness, we rarely have an opportunity to speak directly with our other companions in spirit, who work in the service of the divine Emanation of all light and life.

When seeking to know yourself as higher self you should study the entrance to such awareness and knowledge, which is stored in the soul. All information of the collective whole has been stored within soul as has all information needed to explore spirit.

Soul journeywork is the fastest and easiest method available. Some call this transpersonal work, others hypnotherapy, some transcendental, some meditation and others use visualization techniques. It all equates to inner journeywork.

We cannot visit the soul though our left brains conscious mind, we must visit it trough our consciousness. Soul is filled with layers and layers of consciousness that must be revealed in order to climb to the height of true spirit energy. This is true, because in order to know spirit you must discover how you are spirit.

When you want to visit a friend you must go over their house in order to do so. So it is with the soul. You must visit it where it lives and resides within.

There are many spirits roaming around the third dimensional world at this time. Many of them disincarnate and trapped, others just afraid to go anywhere else and most of them someone’s dead relative. There are also many negative thought forms that have taken on energies and become quite strong, often referred to as poltergeists. These spirits are not connected or aware of a higher self or spirit essence that reaches beyond the lower astral plane. What we believe when we die greatly determines where we go after death.

Though many would deny life after death, or the concept of reincarnation, I ask what true purpose of life would there be without these things. Sages and teachers of wisdom have told us for centuries that we walk all phases of a current existence before ascending to the next plane of experiences. If this is true, then we are the ones who discover what and how to move to new and more evolved planes of awareness and existence.

Spirit essence is pure and innocent in nature; it is unconditionally loving and non-judgmental. In order for ones higher self to help them in life it must have a place to dwell and visit within that person. Since it resides only these places I have mentioned, it is necessary to discover for yourself how you are pure, innocent and unconditionally loving. This is where the work takes place.

For so many lifetimes now we have been inundated with the negativity surrounding us in our home life and environments. The collective consciousness of human beings on this planet has deteriorated into a survival belief that truly expunges our very need for spirit to dwell here with us. Religious teachings have placed spirit in some distant imaginary heaven that we are not to know about until after death and the study of soul has been nearly forgotten completely.

In order for the purity and sanctity of spirit to assist this planet and us in the trying times ahead we must educate ourselves and learn to advance and study soul, spirit and higher self.

It matters little what terminology one uses in such studies, but what does matter is that we do it. Soul teachings are not very common today, but they were among older sects of our societies. They were wisdom-based teachings and doctrines that taught of the soul journey and the experience of spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual enlightenment takes years of study and hard work to accomplish and also allows us to find ourselves in the process. Not the persona self, or the facades we have created as self over time, but the spirit essence- higher self that is our original emanation of light that guides us home.

Death does not free us from our journey of experiences it only serves to show us our experiences from a different perspective. We do not need to die to do this. We can search for this and many other perceptions right here in a third dimensional body.

When we begin to discover and experience ourselves as spirit, we begin to see how higher self has higher self has higher self. We begin to see how all spirits of emanated light and love work together and how spirits ignorant of that light flounder and remain unchanged while chained to their own lower consciousness.

It is not easy in world that projects fear and hatred as a way of life to find the unconditional love and strength to forge ahead but it is the only possible journey to true ascension and freedom.

Find yourself and the child of light that you are and you will find your higher self.