What is my Life Purpose?

by Athene Raefiel

Spirituality is the only thing that brings lasting purpose into life. Spiritual beings are aware of themselves as soul and spirit beings, therefore their eternal essence.

Each physical incarnation is a short experience in the framework of soul existence. When we seek to find purpose in our life, we are actually seeking to discover our soul and spirit self.

"What am I supposed to be doing?" we ask ourselves as we seek to find meaning in our outside world. We want to make a difference in life and we want to leave a legacy of sorts. All of this is very noble and hopefully useful to the next generations to come, but without the awareness of spirit there is nothing to move onto after death.

Most people assume that when they die there will be an automatic experience that they will just fall into. That somehow god works differently in the afterlife than god does presently. Why they think the rules change after death is beyond me, I think it must be to give people hope. We can create hope here and now. We can create a better life and afterlife for ourselves by understanding the rules and governing laws of the Universe, Cosmos and the Divine while still in physical embodiment.

We often begin by awakening to the fact that all life is made up of energy and that we are energetic beings. We have many different levels of energy and can learn to explore advance and evolve them. As we learn about this process we find purpose in the learning.

When we were young, we were supposed to find purpose in learning and also find joy. I suppose that that was okay until about the third grade for most people. After that learning became drudgery, or a honed skill, but little joy or individual purpose came with it.

In the spiritual realm of learning, the process of joy in discovery is renewed. Finding ones purpose takes on a whole new light and direction. Direction is what most individuals seek in life. Direction and fulfillment. We want to be free to be who we are, but that cannot happen until we discover the whole of what that means on all levels of our energetic being.

We are mind, body, soul and spirit. All of these are our energetic makeup. All must be fed, nurtured and developed as well as acknowledged if we are to grow intellectually, physically, and spiritually. When we are in good spiritual health but bad mental health we are out of balance and therefore feel as if we have no purpose in life. It is the same with when we are in poor physical health and discover that this effects our mental and spiritual health as well. In order to find purpose in life we must take responsibility for taking care of ourselves on these particular levels of being.

The soul is our record keeper and contains all the information we are seeking to help enlighten ourselves. When we discover how much joy enlightenment can bring, we then of course, want to take it to world. So often we become frustrated that the daily life around us seems so unwilling to look at enlightenment as an option, to heal and stop all the violence and imbalances that life holds.

If only everyone could see the energy of life as the enlightened ones do, then everything would change course and begin to work as a whole organism rather than a fragmentation. As individuals, we have the capacity to change only our immediate environments and ourselves. And that is even a great challenge.

Finding purpose in life means you must be willing to see through the illusions created in the name of belief and faith and discover the inner truth and light from which you originally emanated. It is about discovering who you are without thinking. It is a re-awakening that takes place in deeper levels of self that you have long ago forgotten about.

Where to look to find this deeper self is the key. Though individuals have fought it for years, meditation and inner work are the key elements needed to free oneself from the old program instilled within us. Generation after generation has implemented various programs of beliefs and understandings that we have taken on and worn as our robe of being while forgotten deep inside, lies the true self.

When all the layers of the onion and baggage have been cleared away we discover the unconditionally loving, innocent and wise soul that we are. Like an emanation and ray of sunlight we begin to beam out our own light once again. We find empowerment and harmony, balance and joy. This is the true purpose of all life. This is what everyone really seeks to remember and embrace.

The outside world of everyday hurriedness, desire and suffering are all things we have learned to wear as our reality of self. The program of what and who we have become has been going on for centuries. I call it the lie. Believing that we have to live our life in a certain way, believing in religion in a specific manner, trying to secure ourselves with monetary means we do not have the ability to procure; all these programs have been handed down generation after generation to keep us in place and under control. Who's control, well perhaps simply the control of the ignorance of true worth and self.

Some of us must believe that there are answers to everything. Others know that the true magic lies in the questions not the answers. It is the souls of those that question where we find the greatest potential for truth and purpose that have the greatest realizations. What good is it for me to think I know when I do not? Experience teaches us through trial and error, our mind thinks it can know without experience. Yet knowing itself is a felt experience not a mental one.

Thinking is a great art and challenge in life that leads us to our destiny. Thinking can help us resolve everyday problems, invent new tools and even design mechanics for science in the future, but thinking cannot give us a sense of purpose that brings fulfillment.

The more one thinks the more one needs to think of more. Satisfaction and contentment are rare side effects of thinking and never last. To understand satisfaction and contentment you must know yourself at an inner level where the knowing is not from the left hemisphere of the brain but from the whole sense of knowing that lies within each of us.

Each individual is like a layer cake, similar to the layers of the Earth herself and like the rings found inside a tree. Each level contains awareness and understanding of whole being that you are, that cannot be found unless it is uncovered. Layers of the program, I call lies and deceit, lie on top of these underlying areas of truth and we continually perpetuate them by acknowledging them as the truth of who we are.

They are merely our identity and ego. Some people believe themselves to simply have one identity but in reality we have an abundance of them. We have a different identity for every situation and person we encounter in life. Some call this wearing different hats or playing different roles. We are parents, children, adults, adolescents, and employees. We are employers, drivers, patients, friends and so forth. All these identities that we live daily are only surface beings and really need to be emanated from the core or whole center of who you are as soul and spirit. For this core center being that you are, though there is no name, many refer to it as the authentic or true self. I simply call it the natural self.

We are eternal in nature and should return to this fact and recognize it. Being eternal does not mean I forget everything before I was born this lifetime and forget it again when I die. Eternal means I re-discover all that I have known before and carry it with me into the unknown of my future here and in the afterlife.

Wearing blinders and burying ones head in the sand does not excuse them from their own soul needing and wanting them to acknowledge their eternity. Soul is a place where one can not only tap into their own unconsciousness record of life and eternity, but also the collective unconscious. Here in the collective unconscious you can discover anything and everything about which you wish to learn. This is the simplest way to access information and retain it.

The art of meditation and reflection have been written about for centuries. Reaching a state of meditation is developing the ability to reach altered states of consciousness often referred to as a trance state. People fear the process of letting go of their false sense of security that the rational mind holds and allowing themselves to move beyond it into the deeper parts of themselves. We have been taught to believe that we cannot be out of control. Yet we are never really truly in control anything in life except our perception, actions and reactions. We don't even do a very good job of that.

Learning to let go of the fears that bind us to this illusionary world of form we call life is relatively easy when you are surely determined to do so. This is because your soul and spirit are calling out everyday asking you to interact and remember who you truly are.

Everyone wants to develop his or her intuitive, psychic and telepathic self. They want to see into the future and know what life holds for themselves or another. Yet, even when faced with the truth of the future, there would no longer be a need to experience it. When all is known in life, it becomes boring, and there is no longer purpose in living life today or tomorrow. This too is a misstatement for all can never really be known, but in the world of illusion we trust what we see and hear with out outer senses.

When one learns to live life in the present that is when they discover that all things past, present and future are combined. That is when they discover that learning is a process of growing and evolving spiritually.

How much can one human really discover about survival that they don't already know? Once you have raised a family, worked twenty or thirty years, done dishes, paid bills, taken vacations, struggled, lost loved ones and experienced heartbreak, how many times must you continue to follow this path and cycle before it becomes monotonous?

To quickly change your life and find purpose you must learn to go within and listen. You must find the tools that help you change and develop perceptions that bring you peace, harmony and contentment. This is finding your purpose.

All the martyrdom in the world will not give you salvation after death because you were already saved when you were born. Being saved is just another expression for awakening to the divine light within. That awareness of light was in your memory when you were born. Now all you have to do is trigger that memory within the soul and unconscious self to be re-awakened to it.

What are we saving ourselves from? A life of drudgery, struggle and unhappiness and the constant cycle of monotony. It is time for people to quit lying to themselves and to quit perpetuating those lies to their children and families as the truth. There is no such thing as security in survival; there is only inner security. If you have not yet witnessed this to be true, then I assume you are a very young soul who thinks yourself invincible to illness and death in the physical body.

Finding purpose daily is truly the only security we have to hold on to that allows us to find hope within. Discovering what it means to be present and living in the present, is where you will find peace and contentment in a world filled with chaos and suffering. Perhaps it is not our duty to save the world and perhaps it is, but surely it is our duty to find inner peace, security and our true self as essence.

To sum up the content and context of what you read here today. You are the majesty and miracle of what purpose there is in life. You are the key element to salvation and peace. Each and every one of you holds the key to the mysteries of the Universe the Cosmos and the Divine, surely you must also hold the mystery to finding purpose in life.

Meditation, trance and inner work are your greatest tools for advancement and enlightenment. Use and develop them continually and you will find the many other worlds of light within which we all dwell.