Living in Alternate Realities

By: Athene Raefiel

The first thing we learn when born into a physical body is the reality of survival. Survival will be the main training course for us for as many years or lifetimes it may take to master it. As we get older we realize that survival depends on monetary substance to afford our other needed substances such as food, water and shelter. The programming, of who we are to be, begins at home where we learn from our families and their circumstances. Once we are of school age we begin to be taught by others and our peers. If there is religion in the family we receive that training as well. We rely on the rudimentary skills and experiences of the family environment we are born into to learn about survival.

As we expand and grow in intelligence we discover that there is more to learn about survival in every field of learning we venture into. Therefore survival even in the spiritual realms is an essential learning tool. Unfortunately we are rarely born into environments or families that are well equipped to help us program our view of self or life. Star children are rarely born to families that know about star children. Because of this some of us are stunted at birth and others within the first four years of their earthly experience. Many take years to overcome this negative and useless programming and too few are able to truly free themselves from the bondage of it.

Behavior is a learned response that can be relearned. Behavior actually takes place habitually from the time we are young. When we decide to modify our behavior we need to be fully present and dedicated to the process as the early formative years of life created our behavior without consciousness. Now that we have the knowledge and experience of consciousness to work with we can begin our behavior modification program. This is a journey that requires perseverance and action to achieve. This is also the journey of discovering the genuine and authentic self that one has always been.

Reality is all about what one believes and accepts as truth. When we view ourselves in various lights, we discover that we have many personas. When we become spiritually active in our life we discover that, all of which we are, actually derives from someplace and something unseen. Our soul and spirit essences represent this truth.

We have many bodies of consciousness that we become aware of as we grow. The early years are usually the emotional body, the physical body and the lower mental body or conscious mind. Hopefully love is part of the growing experience as well. Though love comes in many forms and levels, parents generally love mostly with conditional love. Most human beings know little about unconditional love until they become old and wizened.

As we grow and develop we become aware of the astral body, the causal body and the celestial bodies. All of these are different layers of the aura and soul, represent different aspects of intelligence and awareness. Though we are programmed to believe this is the only incarnation we will ever have, this is not true. Within our soul consciousness, our DNA contains a coded memory of all the other incarnations we have experienced as well.

This is where we discover how many different and alternate realities we as individuals live within. Our soul is sometimes described as the unconscious mind. The unconscious is only unconscious if you are not conscious of how to use and operate it. To tap the unconscious you must be able to meditate and enter into alternate states of awareness and consciousness. This is the only tool that I know of besides hypnosis that can help you go within.

When we begin to open ourselves to the various layers of consciousness that lie within us we also begin to see the collective unconscious as well. Much like a computer a human being contains all the access codes needed to enter into many levels of consciousness at one time. It is like having a lot of windows opened at once and being able to view all the information at the same time. Once you can do this you then have to assimilate what the information and experience is about. This is rarely done objectively, since each individual is subject to his or her own feelings. Hence the need to heal all the damaged emotional traumas and sadness of the past.

Within the emotional body we find all the stored responses to the horrors of not just this lifetime’s experiences, but of all other incarnations as well. Humans', being symbiotic to each other's pain, we have also stored the pain of others we had loved there as well. Here is where we experience pain, guilt, shame and sadness. We store these feelings for future use to save us from having to experience them again. Unfortunately we will have to experience them over and over again until we transmute and heal them so we no longer attach to them.

The lower etheric body and physical shell, as well as the emotional body and solar plexus, and lower mental are all used in everyday life for the purpose of survival. When our survival is totally filled with fear, self-condemnation, self-blame, or hatred of others we never move beyond our need to dwell in the past. When we begin to reach into the heart and find the unconditional loving parts of self, we begin to heal.

Now alternate realities begin to emerge. We discover that what we thought was truth was merely survival techniques and that becoming alive and discovering who we truly are has never been clearer. Up till now we were simply existing and following whatever plan we learned was necessary to make it in life. Now we discover that the world outside is merely a part of the greater whole that we are, and not even a large one at that.

Now what happens to us? Well we eventually realize that almost everything we were taught and learned about as reality of life was a lie. We realize that the lie has been perpetuated as truth century after century and has become the only way one learns to survive, on our beautiful home called planet Earth. We also begin to see how that lie is destroying the Earth and her inhabitants rapidly.

So how great is it to see within this kind of alternate reality if all we see is the decay? Well we also see where the truth lies within us and we change our perception and behavior to blend with a new and better reality of living life.

When we decide to move forward in our spiritual evolution others may now perceive us as weird or strange. Our values become different and what we had determined to be of utmost importance now simply becomes conditioning that we strive to change. As we begin to explore all the dimensions of the heart and unconditional being and thinking we discover that we too can create reality. We explore the possibilities and seek to manifest our newfound truth as a way of life. And so it has been since the beginning of form and consciousness. We now begin to move in ways we never moved before. Thoughts and ideas arise and we even discover that we suddenly know things in areas we never even thought to seek out before now. We discover ourselves as multidimensional beings with many aspects and abilities we never before thought we could have. The true journey of life begins.

Once we find the authentic or genuine person that lies within us, our life begins its transformation process anew. We still have to cope with the conditionality of life but we no longer need it to feed us emotionally. We now have the ability to resolve, forgive, and let go, integrate and heal the past. The past has been a prison or confinement that we have lived in for many centuries of time. The past and our attachments to others have kept us from moving into the present and creating a happier more fulfilled future.

Becoming present is a key element now to spiritual survival. Being spiritual becomes primary instead of secondary. We begin to understand the importance of eternity and the human time clock no longer dictates who we are or what we can become. This is spiritual evolution and interdimensional living.

We are now capable of seeing many different alternate realities, how they were created by other human beings, and how they trap us into believing that we are powerless.

For every one person that reaches this phase in their development their power supersedes hundreds who have not. This power is not forceful or macho but unconditionally loving and strong. This power comes from one who has chosen to break the bonds of their past conditioning and move into alternate realities.