Message from Athene Raefiel


I speak with my spirit teacherís daily; I am in constant communion with them. Today while meditating to connect with the Universe and the Ocean and lend my energy and light for assistance, I spoke with my father in the Sea, Poseidon.

Poseidon and I re-united in my current incarnation, in 1986. I also met many of my other sea relatives then who began teaching and showing me the bottom of the ocean floors and the different changes that were occurring due to humankindís unawareness and inconsideration of the delicate ecosystems working within them. I was shown how earthquakes come about and how they affect the volcanic activity and the resulting movement of the waters on the top.

I was also shown the underwater caves, pyramids, and stairways created long ago by civilizations that were much more interactive with the sea and its life than current civilizations are.

I was told by my Sea Father and family that the undersea life was in great danger due to the instability of such things as bombs that had been set off underwater as well as in land masses. The amount of toxic waste being dumped into the seas and the garbage created by humans was killing many species of fish and underwater foods. Overfishing and whaling were disrupting the natural order of aquatic life, its mammals and the vegetation system. The coral reefs were becoming compromised and underwater stability was becoming extremely fragile.

When I spoke with Poseidon today he told me that the effects of this damage was causing the massive amount of hurricanes and other Earth changes now happening.

He said it was as if those on land had declared war on the seas and now the seas needed to re-adjust themselves to maintain what balance they could.

Long ago I remember a time when I could turn myself into any kind of being I wished. I could be aquatic, flying, or land, I could be part human and part animal, a mammal or an eagle, or fully human upright.

I had consciousness and communed telepathically with all other life both in matter and in spirit.

I tell you these things because I have discovered that I am still that same energy today. I tell you these things because I know and believe that many of you are the same and can remember this too.

If I can commune with Poseidon and the sea, so can you. If I can commune with the dolphins, and the birds of the air, the plants and the trees and the earth, so can you.

I do not believe in desperation or defeat. I shall neither suffer nor fear the future in any way, for I know who I am, what I have seen and what is to come for me. Yet for others there will be great suffering and sadness lest more and more remember the true consciousness of their inner being and do it soon.

Some have asked me in the past if having clarity and vision makes life better or easier. To all I now say, to be the truth, to experience the truth and live the truth is awesome. To see and understand that all the destruction and devastation I see happening around myself could be avoided or changed simply by enough others seeing the truth, is frustrating at best.

Back in 1986 and 1987 I met many others of my soul family and we all began channeling information. We predicted all of the current situation as well as the great changes that have taking place since that time. We warned people to move away from the shorelines and that the glaciers would be melting and shorelines rising. We told people to have escape plans and extra food water, generators and cook-stoves, wood-burning fireplaces as well as camping materials. Back then we thought the changes would be coming a lot sooner than they did. Although it was the beginning, we still knew that with a massive amount of consciousness change, that these disasters could be avoided. Many of us worked hard to change our consciousness and teach as many others as we could. Yet as free will would have it, most chose to limit their learning and expansion to recreational rather than eminent.

I have discovered that knowing and sharing the future with others does not motivate them to do anything about it. Only when we are in dire striates and have no other options but to make change, do most do it.

That is why people wait for the hurricane to come rather than commune with the sea and land around them.

It is a time to pray and expand, it is a time to commune and connect with each others energy of hope and love as well as that of nature and the Earth that sustains us.

Many are calling for gatherings at this time but I find that we can gather together in thought, hope, and desire, by communing within the Universal Light of Life that resides in each of us. When we pray, ask to be the vessel needed by the Light to assist the highest and best good of the planet and those upon her. Offer your service as a light worker by anchoring light daily.

"I am a being of Light"

"The Light and I are One"

"Love is Light, Light is Love"

"I call to the most Sacred powers of light in existence and ask now that use me a vessel to help the Earth find a center of peace and solace within.

"I call to the Archangels, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel, and ask them to comfort and protect all innocent beings of light."

"I call to the Oversoul of Light and ask them to help me remember my true soul and spirit memories this life."

"I call to Poseidon of the Sea and to the Dolphins and ask them to use what energy of Light and Love that I have to heal the tides of the waters. "

"I call to Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and acknowledge that I am Earth, Air, Fire and Water. "

"I call to my spirit essence and the spirit essence of all life and ask that we be united in our effort to find balance and solace."

"I call to my holy Higher Self and acknowledge that I am a Child of the Light and Love of all that is."

"I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am."