Spirit Guides and The Divine

Written by: Athene Raefiel 2004
Published in Planet Lightworker

Many people want to know who their spirit guides are. They want their names and their functions to be clearly defined. When looking at the world of spirit we begin to understand how truly massive it is. It comprises not only loved ones who cross over after death but legions and legions of other worldly beings as well.

If I were to say that there were at least ten thousand spirit beings to each human being here on earth, I would not be exaggerating. There are Spirit Guides that work as units and there are Spirit Masters who direct them. There are Archangels who have thousands of legions working with them as well as Guardian Angels. There are Councils of Light, The Galactic Councils, The Shambala Masters, The Devas, The Principalities, The Keepers of The Light, The Higher Self, The Soul Teachers, The Inner Teachers and many others. Do all of these beings dwell in the same dimensions and are they all known by individual names? Indeed, they are not. Often due to the process of Ascension they have had many names and fulfilled many different positions and roles within the Universe and the Hierarchy, just as we do in life here in the third dimension.

Is your mother, father, or uncle Bob who died and crossed over now your spirit guide? If they were not your spirit guide while in the physical body, they undoubtedly are not going to be your spirit guide after their death. When one crosses over to the other side they do not inevitably become a wonderful enlightened spiritual being. It can take thousands of incarnations before one even realizes that they are a spiritual being. Leaving the body through physical death does not accelerate spirituality. Crossing to the other side is a much more complex operation than one realizes. Because there are many aspects to a human being and many dimensions within which they dwell while in the physical, so are there many aspects of ascension. Dying in no way should imply Divine ascension.

After death there are many places that the aspects of a soul might dwell. The type of spiritual life they have lived and learned about through each incarnation determines what one will experience in the Divine Realm. Many never even reach the Divine realm after Death. They may reach and experience the Astral Realm and assume they are in Heaven, for within the Astral realm there are some very beautiful planes of existence that reflect what heaven would appear to be.

Within each realm, there are many different planes of experience to learn about. Just as within our Physical Realm. Each Realm or Kingdom has its own order and process through which a soul expands and learns. Each soul in the Physical Realm contains a physical body, an etheric body, an emotional body, an astral body, a causal body, a mental body and a celestial body. None of these bodies is visible to the physical eye except the physical body. Through science and medicine, we have discovered the emotional and mental bodies, scientifically referred to as psychology and feelings. The other bodies of which I speak are referred to as parapsychology.

Though it is not easy to define what our dimensional bodies and frequencies are for, it is necessary to discover and develop them if we ever wish to experience that which is know as the Divine Realm. To be able to see a divine being, whether it is Jesus, Mary, an Angel, or Ascended Master, does not give us entrance into the Divine Realm itself. One must realize ones own Divinity to accomplish this.

Realization is much more than a thought process. To realize, one must be able to assimilate not just information but energy. Being energy, he soul and spirit can only be experienced and realized through that self-same energy. Believing is not the same as assimilation or realization. Believing is having faith. To have faith in the Divine, is not in and of itself, enough for one to reach the Divine Realm. It is definitely necessary and a step in the right direction. One must first believe something to be possible before one can experience its reality in other ways.

If I have an experience that is unexplainable and still do not within my self accept that it is true, I cannot assimilate the experience until I process and accept itís reality. To believe that God exists, is much different than experiencing a partnership with God in ones own heart and being. Too often individuals look for God to be where others tell them to look. That may be a Church, a Synagogue, a Temple, and an Ashram, in books and so forth. These places are often referred to as the house and books of God as well as Temples of worship. God is not a being or a person but the all of everything that is. This is why I advise individuals to find their God, the energy of which can only be found by them and within them. The Divine can only be contemplated, assimilated and later realized. This can only be done individually. Visiting the sites and reading the books that have led others to this realization should not be discounted, but only you can find your inner-light and truth within them. Once this assimilation of truth takes place, then one can begin to glean the many aspects of the Divine that are referred to as Spirit Guides, Angels and Teachers of Light.

The Divine Realm is composed only of Light and or Love. To me when one speaks of the Light of God they are actually speaking of the Love of God. When one says Divine to me, it is Love in its purest and most innocent form. To understand how that self -same love and I are one and the same thing, I must first be able to connect with the inner love and innocence that I am. This is the task that many fail to pursue due to conditioning, that lifetime after lifetime has brought about.

When we are born of body we come from the soul, not from our biological parents as many believe. Although we have been soul through all of our incarnations, we have not necessarily been physical. Soul has the ability to dwell within all Realms and it carries within itself memory type modules that we in the physical call DNA strands. It also contains a matrix through which it is connected to all other soul.

It is only through the soul that one can experience and learn about other realms of consciousness and aspects of the Divine. The Soul is often confused with the Astral Body, and The Astral Realm is often confused with the Divine Realm. Since within soul consciousness there are no distinct parameters with which to measure a dimension, plane or realm, one must simply see and experience oneself as a journey of light and love. When one sees an energy body leave a loved one at death, they assume they are seeing the soul. Indeed what they see is the Astral Body. Soul cannot be seen but only experienced. It can only be experienced through extra sensory perception and by no other means. In order to develop ones extra sensory perception, one must move beyond the outer senses and learn to feel, hear, see and touch, with the inner. This is a feat not easily accomplished unless one is willing to look into where they have hid the love and innocence within themselves, that is their Divine awareness.

Too often we think that being psychic has to do with Divine Gifts. All beings are psychic; this ability lies within the emotional and psychological bodies. It has little if anything to do with Divinity. To use your psychic abilities to aid you in your divinity is how you will find the Soul and Spirit self. All spirit interacts with other spirit. All spirit does not dwell within the same Realms. Just as I can call and speak with you on a telephone is not the same as me living at your house, so it is with spirit communicating with humans. When speaking of Spirit Guides there is much to consider. They consider where you are at in your development and assign assistants to work with you at each juncture of the road. You do not choose the guides that will work with you, but you have known and been family with them many, many times.

To rediscover your spirit family is like being adopted and finally meeting your biological family, only much better. Better because when you meet your spiritual family you know that you are finally headed home. Not a tangible home but the true home of the Divine from whence you came.

Many beings of Light grace our planet at this time and offer assistance to all that would call upon them. These great beings of love have been a part of our soul consciousness for eons of time. To receive their assistance is to merely acknowledge them regularly and create an environment within you of a loving place for them to visit.

An easy way to clear yourself and your environment of unlove, is by evoking the energies of the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, of which all things in this dimension are comprised. To invoke the holy Light of life that you are within and ask your soul to acknowledge you is a good beginning. Doing this on a daily basis before calling to these beings of Light will allow them a more pristine energy to use to assist you. Always surrounding yourself with the Holy Light of the Divine, The Universe and the Cosmos as well. This can be done through visualizing the white, gold, magenta and violet light around you daily. Once you have created such a sacred space and made your inner temple pure in love call to Archangel, Raphael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Uriel. Call to Saint Germaine, Lord Sananda, Lord Maitreya and the oversoul. Call to Lady Qwan Yin, Sanat Kumara and all the Kumaras assisting the planet at this time. Call to the Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Brotherhoods of light. Call to the Divine Mother and The Earth Mother herself. Ask these great beings to assist you in discovering the journey of soul that you are, and ask them to assist you in finding your spirit and spirit guides.

Remember always that this process of discovery is about the soul journey you began long ago. That much of what you find will only surprise you because you will be re-remembering what you already knew but had forgotten. Spirit is family. They neither want nor need your worship, but share readily in your love of The Divine. Your acknowledgment and acceptance of them as the Divine Emissaries of Light that they are is required to receive an audience by them. They are indeed aspects of the Divine Light within all of us.

Athene Raefiel has been teaching Classes, Seminars, and Lecturing on Metaphysics as the Science of the Soul since 1980. Athene is a published author. Her first book " Getting to the Heart, A journey of Spiritual Enlightenment and Soul Transformation" has been said to change peoples lives. Athene is a visionary and a telepath. She helps people gain clarity, insight, and direction. She has hosted two of her own radio shows and is a certified Hypnotherapist. http://www.AtheneRaefiel.com