Written By: Athene Raefiel
January, 2005

Dear Friends and Fellow Lightworkers,

To begin 2005 with such harrowing natural devastation as we now see in Southeast Asia is surely a sign of what is to come. Energy must move in order to displace other energies. The consciousness of nature and humans must become harmonious if we are to avoid future situations that bring great loss of human life. As a species, human beings have not co-operated with the energies of the natural planet around them or her other species of life. Without compromise within the nature of life, there will be chaos and devastation. These are the laws of nature and as such can not be ignored.

Too many reasons and excuses are given as to why it is acceptable to be irresponsible with the resources we use, misuse, and displace. Too much insanity and instability within the human consciousness pervades the whole of the peoples on this planet earth. This insanity is now spilling over into the ecology and animal kingdoms of our fine planet. Since human beings have been given the ability to think, to choose and to reason, they have the ability to bring harmony, peace and balance to the other energies within their own solar system.

Human beings instead choose to reject the idea of having such power and abilities, therefore denying their own ability to create a new and better reality. It is time for human beings to take responsibility for the Earth plane and her energies. The energies put out by human beings definitely affect the planet and its species as a whole.

When the peoples of the planet are dwelling in energies of lack, limitation, devastation, sadness, destruction, war, and grief, then these are the energies we feed the rest of life upon our planet, as well as the planet herself. These energies have taken precedence in life for far too long now. It is not easy to be the harbinger of change and beauty to a situation such as this, but just because everyone and everything else has cancer does not mean I too must fall prey to that energy.

So many times we wish to believe that we are not the ones who control nature. We say look at the magnitude of the earthquakes and tsunamis that have been occurring. These happenings are simply random acts of nature. This is not so! It is all connected, Earth’s energies and us. Nature has its role in maintaining a balance to sustain itself and life upon its planet. There is nothing random about it.

Another saying we as humans love is that accidents happen everyday. Everyday is it's own energy created by the energies that came before it. Each day is a carryover of the day before and creator of the day following.

The earth adjusts itself to make way for the displaced energies it endures. When we as human beings set off bombs and take human lives for the cause of vengeance and hostility we produce displaced energies that have no place to call home. Sooner or later, these energies of greed, hatred, and power play must create a space for themselves. When they do, it must displace other energies that hold the very structure of the earth and her plates in place.

We as human beings must awaken to the true power that lies within Mother Nature and assist her finding ways of moving such energies that does not displace hundreds of thousand innocent human lives. We, the light workers, have an awesome responsibility to awaken and enlighten others to the fact that what has been created can be changed.

So many want to anchor light but so few are aware of how simple it really is. By simply calling forth the energies of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water daily, by taking the energies within you and understanding how you and nature are the same, this is anchoring light.

To create a Medicine wheel and anchor the four directions, to honor them in your meditations, to pray to the energies of the four winds, the eight winds and twelve winds this is anchoring light.

Acknowledge the spirit light of life that you and everything else are. Acknowledge your spirit guides and teachers, acknowledge the twelve power points of light that connect all life upon this planet. This is anchoring light.

Light and love are synonymous. As we understand the light within that we, and all life, are we also understand the love that light exudes. Unconditional love, love without condition judgement or expectation. Acceptance, allowing, and understanding without reason.

Pay attention to your own thought process, if it does not please you, if your thoughts are not of the wonderment and beauty of life that you and the Divine Light are, then re-program your thought process. Re-create yourself. Make the hard choices in life. Choose to be different. Choose to be loving and sweet. Choose to believe that all others hold and seek the same truth of love and light in their life.

Do invocation along with prayer. Invoke the energies of light and love daily. Invoke the energies of The Ascended Masters, The Holy Flames of Light, The Seven Rays of Light, The Sacred Archangels of Light, The Four Directions, The Sacred Energy of the Land, Sky and Waters, call to The Indians and Animal Ancestors of the Land.

Call to your soul and spirit-self daily. Tell your soul that you are ready to work hand in hand with your soul awareness and consciousness and that you are ready to connect and work with the spirit essence of life that you are. Tell this daily to your soul and spirit self.

Do your affirmations daily.

Affirm that:

"I am a being of light",
"I am the power of light and love within",
"I am a child of love and light",
"I am joyous and happy",
"I am special",
"I deserve to be loved",
"I deserve to feel fulfilled",
"I align myself to the greatest power of love within that I am",
"I Am that I Am, I Am that I Am, I Am that I Am".

Use your powers of imagination to create beautiful images of what life should be and look like. See all the peoples of the planet coming together and holding hands as they smile at one another. See that all prejudice is dissipated and forgotten. See the happy helping the sad, the wealthy helping the poor, and the well helping the sick. See the peoples of the world doing this because they realize how wonderful it is to do so. See there being no hidden agendas, no need for power and fear. See all beings free to be themselves. See a world filled with abundance, balance and joy.

See all the Earth's resources being shared and protected as new energies are created naturally to assist the beings of this planet. See enlightenment as a way of life that children are brought up with as well as love and patience. See this New World and visit it regularly in your meditations.

In this way, we will begin to heal the world, her species, and her energies. We as humans are the power this go-round on planet Earth. To believe that what is happening to our planet and her species is happening randomly is to be in denial of the truth. Thinking that the Earth could destroy all landmasses at any point is reality. It is a reality that will only happen if human beings don't realize that they can change their consciousness to work in harmony with the consciousness of the Universe and the Divine.

We are not victims of our life but creators. If you do not like the creation of life that you are living then change it. We cannot change one another's reality but we can certainly change our own. By living the new reality is how we implement its energy and share it with others. Living by example is not an easy path but it is an extraordinary one.

To think you must give up being a human in order to live by example is a major misconception. It is indeed the human that will lead the spirit by example. Extraordinary beings live in the ordinary world all of the time. Being the authentic self and sharing this reality with others in life is to live the extraordinary life.

To be consciously aware of all the worlds surrounding us and finding harmony and balance within them is being the authentic self. You need not be a non-smoker, a vegetarian, a spiritualist, or any other model to do this. There is no set category or pigeonhole you need fit to accomplish this powerful reality. Moderation in all things is recommended but not required. You are perfect just as you are and can live without judgment of self or others at all times.

Being a human is a reflection of the Divine. Be the best human you can be. Understand yourself and those around you, allow all to be themselves but do not make excuses for them. Do not make excuses for yourself either.

Stand in and live your truth to the best of your ability, anchor the light of your Divine and Soul-Self daily. Break down the illusions imprisoning your consciousness and reality freeing yourself to be the one true light in life that always succeeds.

Each one of you is the embodiment of the Higher Consciousness of the Divine, Soul-Self. Each one of you contains the fruit of life that feeds the rest of the planet. Each one of you holds the magical miracle of life the combines and heals the whole. Simply be the best human being that you can be. Simply integrate the Divine Light of Source and Spirit into yourself and world daily. This is all that is necessary to change the world, nothing more, and nothing less.

There are no victims of life only journeyers. May your efforts be rewarded and your journey fulfilling. May you each receive the blessings of love that you put forth one thousand fold. You are indeed a special flame of light that burns within the ethers of the divine.

Be the light!
Athene Raefiel